The natural wealth of Agadir
Agadir and its diverse natural park treasures
  • A hinterland among the most beautiful place in Morocco

Agadir is the escape. The valley of Souss and, further, cutting the horizon, the reliefs of the Anti-Atlas make wonderful paintings as only nature can compose them; a hinterland full of possibilities in which you indulge in the joys of discovery and green tourism.

Amateurs of big spaces? The Souss Massa National Park is a must! It is home to an exceptional fauna: 250 species of birds including the famous Ibis Bald but also antelopes, wild boars and mongooses. A hike in the middle of these wilderness is an unforgettable experience. Elsewhere in the park, in Tifnit, it is the rock that fuels your curiosity: holes dig it, old troglodyte dwellings today abandoned.

Flora is not left behind! Throughout the region, she believes and hatches at ease. Everywhere, trees loaded with fruit such as the argan tree and its famous oil or even almond trees resplendent at the end of winter. Flowers that flourish and are used to make honey. Follow the tourist routes dedicated to them and discover know-how, gastronomy, an art of living!

The discovery is one of the specialties of Agadir and its region: browse and there, from site to site, let yourself be surprised by nature and its treasures.

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