Taroudant, the little Marrakech
Taroudant a city of history and rich of a long past
  • Taroudant, another Marrakech!

Taroudant: with its ramparts for jewel, the city seems a jewel, one of the most beautiful in Morocco. Take a walk in the shadow of its historic walls, whose towers have stood for more than five centuries to protect the ancient capital of the Saadian sultans. All day long, the sun strikes these tall stone columns and bathes the city with a light where the gold of its rays disputes it with the ocher of the walls.

City of history, rich of a long past, Taroudant is however not one of these cities museums, frozen in a grandeur gone. Here, the dynamism of modern life blends harmoniously with the legacy of tradition. Its souks are full of activity: venture in the middle of these paths, negotiate with the merchants, especially, on the stalls, discover all the richness of the soil and local crafts. Leather is particularly famous as well as terracotta trinkets and Amazigh jewelery.

Taroudant has also made a specialty of producing argan oil. Appointment outside the walls, a little away from the city. There, you discover cooperatives, individuals also who shell these nuts, who press them, extract the substantive marrow and make whole oils dedicated to your well being.

The city has all the assets and Taroudant is also the starting point for many hikes. Located in the middle of the two ranges of the Atlas, it takes advantage of a favorable situation that take hikers and fighters.

Nature and culture, modernity and tradition, Taroudant certainly does not lack attractions! Get lost in its streets, roam its surroundings and paint your stay of all the colors of Morocco.

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