The Agadir Kasbah fortress
Agadir Kasbah is a fortress overlooking the city and the beach

The Kasbah or Kasbah of Agadir is the most majestic site of the city. It is a fortress overlooking the city and the beach and rising to a height of 236 meters. The latter was erected in 1540 by Mohammed Ech-Sheikh, Moroccan king belonging to the Sade dynasty. After conquering the city, it builds these walls in order to protect against possible invasions including Portuguese. The site was rebuilt in 1752 to increase the security of Agadir. After the earthquake of 1960, the fortifications were rebuilt on their old marks and only the door of entry was preserved with the authentic one. During their walk, visitors will not forget that this fortress has contained the oldest district of Agadir, at the time composed of small streets and playful residents. The place is ideal to admire the city from all angles as well as the sunsets!

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