Extend Your Trip To Essaouira

No matter how much time you have, Essaouira is just 3 hours from Marrakech, which makes it an easy day trip from the ‘Red City”, but planning a longer stay in Essaouira offers the chance to get out off the medina and explore the surrounding countryside.

between the medina and a small seaside town of Sidi Kaouki, it’s advisable to do many activity or a day trip along the broad sandy beach when the tide is out,

it’s also possible to organize 4 day camel trek in a southerly direction, journey along the shore, sometimes heading inland to explore the sand dunes, buildings of historical interest, through the undergrowth of Thuya, Euphorbia and Argan trees. We will also visit pretty Moroccan fishing villages and follow the ancient caravan routes of the Portuguese.

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Maillard Family
22 August 2015
Dear Mohamed and so friendly team, we often think about lovely ride we made in February with our small child! It's also a nice memory for Leo and Lila. Good luck and take care yourself

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