About Us

We are a small travel organization based in Marrakech and run by Moroccan certified tour guides; we deliver outstanding adventure tour experiences across the entire country.

Why choose Morocco Ecotours ?

Beautiful destinations: Spectacular Sahara desert, impressive mountain ranges, emerald sea, heritage sites and cities, vibrant markets and delicious cuisine! We have a tour suited to whatever you fancy!

Certified Guides: Travelling with us you will always be accompanied by a qualified, experienced and trustworthy guide. We will take care of your safety so you can relax and enjoy your experience!

Cultural Experience: We know Morocco like the back of our hand and want you not just to have a tour and enjoy the nature but really get to know Morocco! We will make sure you get to meet local people, see our places, and learn the history of our country!

Customized Tours: We are open-minded and imaginative and we are ready to create a dream-tour especially for you. You can have the perfect vacation that you have wanted for so long!

Strong Organizational Skills: We provide comfortable transportation, well maintained camping equipment and beautiful and comfortable accommodation. We respect your time and we are always punctual!

Ecotourism Values: We love nature and promote the concept of sustainable development by respecting  the culture and environment during our trips.