The mountain for playground The walls of ocher of Marrakech lean against the Atlas mountains. These steep reliefs invite to adventure: we walk on their slopes, cross them with air bridges and they also go down from snow-capped peaks. For the most enduring, dare to climb the Jebel Toubkal. Under the guidance of a guide,

Marrakech, from the top of its mountains From the top of the walls of Marrakech, standing on the parapet, you scan the distance: the city is surrounded by the Atlas Mountains. On the horizon, they cut out jagged reliefs crowned by the eternal snows. Something magical emerges from these landscapes that calls for discovery and

Beyond the city of Azilal, a paved road,  climbs up to a remote valley in the High Atlas mountains, Ait Bougummez, nicknamed Happy Valley for the purported disposition of its inhabitants. until fairly recently there was no paved road to the valley, so it was plausible that this was still an unspoiled Shangri La.The  Ait

After the hustle and bustle of the medinas and souks, get away from it all in the mountains. The Atlas is the biggest mountain range in North Africa, and has many fertile valleys, rivers and waterfalls. Go trekking and explore Berber villages. You can hike all year round, but the best time is from April to