Morocco is a country a person can easily fall in love, whether you’re on a travel adventure for short trip or you’re lucky enough to stay longer. Morocco is an amazing country, no matter where you visit, bustling Marrakech, scenic Chefchaoun, historic Fes, the grand Sahara and all points between, beginning with the sights, tastes

With its coastline stretching from the Mediterranean to where the Sahara meets the Atlantic, Morocco offers beaches for every taste. Some are perfect for family fun, others wait and hope development will happen, and many are untrodden apart from the odd surfer and migratory bird. With its eponymous saint’s tomb and savage rocks, Marabout’s Beach

Morocco has nine locations inscribed on Unesco’s World Heritage list. The sites range from the two millennia-old ruins of Volubilis, once one of the Roman empire’s most remote outposts, to the new town of Rabat, built during the French colonial period from 1912 to the 1930s. Four medinas make it onto the list: Marrakesh, Essaouira,