Relaxation in the south of Morocco
Stay at the desert Camp giving off an impression of calm and serenity
  • A dazzling nature in southern Morocco

In the lands, which turn away from the sea, the cities of Midelt, Errachidia and Merzouga discover a completely different Morocco. Between the heights of the Middle Atlas and the infinity of the Sahara, they unfold sumptuous panoramas.

Midelt and Errachidia are mountain towns. Here, as a backdrop, the reliefs cut out the horizon, giving off an impression of calm and serenity. The cedars and fir trees crown these heights, accentuate the impression of tranquility of the place, while in the valley grow oaks, date palms and olive trees. Many excursions plan to take you to these beautiful landscapes.

The desert that was announced around Midelt and Errachidia is really at the gates of Merzouga. The village is lost in the middle of the sands. It is in these surroundings that rise the highest dunes of Morocco and the most beautiful rising of the sun in the world, that extends a palm plantation, here that unfolds animated waters of the flight of the birds: it is the lake Dayet Srij and its migratory population. Special breaks, excursions organized over several days give you the opportunity to go to these treasures and discover all the riches that the desert conceals.

In these remote areas, no longer a question of Morocco Seaside! You discover a wild nature, adventure at the bend of the road!

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