The souks of Marrakech are ranked among the largest and most beautiful in Morocco

In total immersion in Moroccan life, the passage through the souks of Marrakech is a must during your stay. Located in the region of Marrakech-Tensift-Al Haouz, the Medina of Marrakech is the historic district of the city. At the souks – from its “market” translation – from the Medina, nomadic displays and permanent shops are intertwined with oriental delights. There is for absolutely every taste: leather goods, fruits, vegetables, butchers, vendors of dishes, carpets, slippers, djellabas or kaftans .. Ladies and gentlemen you will necessarily find your happiness . The souk of the Medina is articulated in alley with each their “specialty”. The leather goods part of the souk offers pieces to work in leather by local craftsmen: handbags, belts, slippers, cushions. Continuing, you will have tinplate workers. Their creation revolves around pretty home accessories, dishes, tajines and couscoussières that will make nice memories to take home. Further north, the dyers are drying wool to make scarves. A feast of color for photography lovers. Take the time to chat with them to understand their creative process. Ancestral knowledge. To the south, you will find shops and cafés through the alleys. Stop the tea time on the terrace to observe the atmosphere of the souk back. Welcome to the souks of Marrakech.

The souks of Marrakech are ranked among the largest and most beautiful in Morocco, there are everything: crafts, cooking, pottery, jewelry, spices, slippers, clothing and much more.

To get to the souks of Marrakech is simple, just go to the famous place Djema El Fna and venture into the medina.

The history of the souks is old. These places were favored by the caravaneers who traded their goods before facing the Moroccan desert.

The souks – meaning markets in French – quickly became a gathering place for people who began to settle around their last.

The unifying force of these improvised markets is therefore authentic!

Even though the souks lost their artisanal wealth by the arrival of many products from China, some craftsmen (carpenters, ferroniers etc.) continue to use their traditional know-how.

In Marrakech, the activity of the souks mobilizes more than 40 000 craftsmen, specialists in many fields, simple and sometimes unthinkable!

In all, 18 souks are listed from the souk babouches, the souk spice, by the souk of carpets, a maze whose goal is to get lost to move only to the rhythm of scents, colors and noises!

A confrontation with the Berber civilization that gives life to these places and attract you among them.

Quickly you will lose your head among the different products. The solution to the favorite? The negotiation, a real game settles then between the Moroccans and the tourists!

As you go, you will go from one souk to another, each one of them is destined for a type of merchandise.

Among the most interesting souks to discover you have:

Smata souk (babouches)
The souk Hajjarine (stonecutter souk)
The Chkairia souk (leather bags)
The jewelry souk (gold and silver souk)
The sou El Hadaddine (blacksmiths)
The Zrabi souk (carpets)
To visit the souks of Marrakech, you do not need a guide and even less map, all the pleasure lies in wandering in its narrow streets.

Marrakchis are also very available to show you the paths.

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