Morocco Classic Rally
Morocco rally is a competition that combines elegance and sportiness
  • A rally devoted to the most beautiful cars

Morocco ‘s Classic Rally is a car race that is second to none! In the middle of splendid landscapes, on quality roads, drive or applaud vehicles with elegant lines. Watch them race down the slopes and swallow the miles, soak up the silhouette of these vintage cars and enjoy a competition that combines elegance and sportiness.

The race takes place in 7 stages. Only cars built between 1930 and 1985 are accepted. The aim is to give this rally a nostalgic look, a bit of that elegance that made the charm of the races of yesteryear. The bet is successful and the least we can say is that spectators and drivers feast during this week of car festivities.

After 2200 kilometers, the highlight of the show lies in the seventh and final stage: on circuit, it tests the technique of competitors and submits to the public a magnificent show made of thrilling engines and tires that squeak.

Event in international reach, the classic Rally of Morocco should enchant all fans of cars.

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