Mosaic of men and traditions To appreciate this splendid region which has kept all its authenticity, and to impregnate you of its secular culture, you will have to accept that here the present is conjugated still with the past. If the province still contains witnesses of its rich history, as the mausoleum of Moulay Ali

The Amazigh New Year, or Idd n Yennayer, as it is called locally, meaning the eve of the first day of the agrarian calendar year used since ancient times by Amazigh throughout North Africa, marks the beginning of the crop year. Under different names, Yennayer is celebrated by both Arab and Berber speaking communities. Some

In the Oriental High Atlas, the village of Imilchil organizes every year in September a festival where hundreds of young girls and young boys celebrate their marriage. Imilchil, a village located high up at 2,200 m altitude in the lake plateau of the Oriental High Atlas in Morocco, hosts an annual festival as an open

The Rose Festivalis a magical event that usually takes place at the beginning of May every year and has become a favorite attraction and festival fortourists to attend. The Dades Valley in Morocco is also known as the Valley of the Roses, as it is here where the fragrant rose oil and rose water is