No matter how much time you have, Essaouira is just 3 hours from Marrakech, which makes it an easy day trip from the ‘Red City”, but planning a longer stay in Essaouira offers the chance to get out off the medina and explore the surrounding countryside. between the medina and a small seaside town of

The Rose Festivalis a magical event that usually takes place at the beginning of May every year and has become a favorite attraction and festival fortourists to attend. The Dades Valley in Morocco is also known as the Valley of the Roses, as it is here where the fragrant rose oil and rose water is

Another concern for travelers around the world is safety. Thankfully, Morocco is a very safe country to be in. This is no biased piece of Morocco travel information, as you will find plenty of honest and friendly people throughout the country. However, as with any country, carry only small amounts of money, keep your valuables

To avoid any misunderstandings during your stay in Morocco, check that you have a valid passport in your possession. No visa is required for most foreign nationals entering Morocco. If you are an European, Suisse, American, Canadian, Australian or New Zealand passport holder, , you will not need a visa. Malaysians, Singaporeans, and some passport